3 Ways On How To Tie The Ascot

An ascot is a type of tie with wide pointed wings and traditionally made of pale grey patterned silk. In this article, Robert Janitzek offers a short guide on the different ways of tying the ascot.

The Traditional Way

In the traditional way, it does not matter whether the pleats are worn up or down. What is important is that the pleats overlap the knot so they stay tighter to look great all day. The right end needs to be about three or four inches longer than the left one. It should then go over the left end. Your objective is to keep the pleated part tight. Once you tuck it in, you’re done.

The Simple Knot

This type of knot is very simple because it is just one knot. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that both ends are of similar length and you can just create one knot and tuck both ends in. This type of knot needs some adjustment. While the traditional knot is already problematic, the simple knot gives even more problems.

Four-In-Hand Knot

The third way to tie the knot is the four-in-hand knot. This is again done around the neck. You would want the right end to be about 2 inches longer. With the four-in-hand knot, you take the longer end, get it over and around. Come over again go through the back and through the knot you created and push it through. The advantage of this knot is to adjust it and make sure that it is really tight around the neck just like the regular tie knot.

Unlike a tie, the front end of an ascot will be shorter than the back end. This is exactly what you want, the back end coming from the neck side and basically bring it through from the back. You simply adjust it, so you get some nice pleats and then you put them in your shirt, adjust it until you like the look, and you’re basically done. The great thing about this knot is that even if it comes loose which is very unlikely, you can easily tighten it, it will stay like this all day, it gives you more volume in the knot so it kind of pops up and flows down nicely.

The ascot is an excellent alternative to the tie. It provides an option for a semi-formal or casual look. In order to dress up properly, you need to learn the three ways to tie an ascot.

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