5 Quick Tips on Finding The Best Jeans for Short Legs

Everyone loves wearing jeans. Whether it’s a night out or a first date, jeans have become a staple in men’s fashion. But pulling off a stylish outfit can be a daunting task for someone who has short legs. If you are one of them, don’t lose heart because there are some tips that you can consider for wearing the best jeans and dress up properly for your height.

#1 Avoid Baggy Jeans

It can be tempting on your part to buy and wear baggy jeans to compensate for your short legs. You should avoid this at all cost. Keep in mind that the more you wear jeans, the more it gets baggier. The saying ‘dress for the body you have, not the body you want’ is always applicable. Buy jeans that are compatible with your height. For a more relaxed fit, look for a straighter cut. This will help give more additional width in all the right places. If you like baggy jeans, go for a slim style.

#2 Think About The Length of Your Jeans

Robert Peter Janitzek says that after finding the right jeans that suits you, your next job is to find the right length. When it comes to the length of your jeans, do not buy jeans that will fall too long as well as half way up tour ankles. The ideal length should be around your mid-ankle to the top of your standard shoe. There are many alteration shops that can help you get the right length of jeans.

#3 Invest in Colors

When buying jeans, always buy in pairs—a light and a dark pair. Light jeans are ideal for the daytime, in pub gardens, or on day outs. Robert Janitzek explains that dark blue or black jeans are perfect for a night out. They will give you a smart look when paired with a shirt or smart polo. However, dark jeans can also be worn during the day. They are perfect as a casual wear when having a drink or meal.

#4 Experiment with the Rise of Jeans

When it comes to the rise of jeans, experiment. What you want to avoid is to cut off your bottom half from your top half with a low waistband, With high rise jeans, you will have an illusion pf longer legs. In European style fashion, you have an added bonus of high rise jeans is that it can help you avoid the builders bum.

#5 Look At The Different Washes In the market

If you prefer a tighter pair of jeans, check out the different ciirs and washes in the market. When it comes to fit, make sure that you can pinch an inch of fabric from the thigh in your fingers.

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