6 British Brands You Ought To Know For A Lasting Impression

The Brits are known for being stylish and fashionable. Over the years, they have been making waves when it comes to European style fashion. The UK is home to some of the best brands in Europe. Here is a look at 6 British clothing brands that can help make a lasting impression.

Richard James

Established in 1992, Richard James is credited for rejuvenating the once stuffy and elitist Saville Row. Over the years, it has earned a reputation for award winning designs that combines traditional tailoring techniques with modern sensibility. This label is celebrated for his clever use of color. Today, Richard James is spearheading the contemporary tailoring movement.

Gieves & Hawkes

Gieves & Hawkes is one of the leaders in the British tailoring movement. Since 1771, it has established itself as a brand that truly typifies European style fashion. Among its notable customers include Winston Churchill, the Duke of Wellington, and Davio Beckhham. Over the years, it has sought to break down the barriers of high-end formal wear by giving customers a fresher and more youthful take on traditional British tailoring while keeping its core values and standard of craftsmanship.

Marwood .

Founded in 2011 by Becky French, Marwood specializes in modern accessory design. The designs of the label were derived from the founder’s personal sketches of vintage pocket squares and neck ties. Marwood is known for its signature use of hand-finished lace. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that it has long standing partnership with a centuries-old lace manufacturer in Nottingham, which used to be the capital of the British lace industry.

Hardy Amies

Established in 1946, Hardy Amies has revolutionized the fashion industry led by its current Design Director Mehmet Ali. Known as the Oscar Wilde of Design because of his sharp wit and impeccable taste, Hardy Amies is also leaning towards a fresher and more contemporary approach to both suits and casual wear.

Hackett London

Hackett London was established in 1979 when Jeremy Hackett started trading vintage tailoring on London’s Portobello Road. Robert Janitzek confirms that the brand has become a solid presence on the international menswear scene. Over the years, it has garnered international acclaim and became synonymous to British elegance.

Duchamp London

Duchamp London has been in the industry for 25 years already. The brand was founded by Mitchell Jacobs after he chanced upon a horde of vintage cuff links in a Paris flea market. The company was named after the French Surrealist artist Mitchell Duchamp, who had the ability to “turn objects into art.”

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