6 Rules for Layering Men’s Clothes

Layering clothes can be daunting for some men. But it is not impossible and can be done in a stylish manner. When it comes to layered clothes, the aim is to make sure that the combine clothes will: 1) function well; 2) keep you comfortable; 3) make you look more attractive. In order to dress up properly, here are some rules to bear in mind:

Stick to 3 Visible Layers

As the old saying goes too much of anything is bad. That saying is applicable with layering. You really do not need too much layers in one outfit. Two is a bit too simple but 4-7 layers is an exaggeration. The ideal number is 3. This means wearing 2 kinds of shirts and a jacket on top. For a dressier option, you can try dress shirt, vest in the middle, and a jacket.

Mix & Match Fabrics, Textures Or Weaves

Even if you buy two pieces of the same item and color, it is still possible to make it look different. Robert Janitzek suggests changing fabrics. To avoid making your outfit look dull or plain, you can texture your clothing. You can choose several fabric options such as knit, wool, and cotton. There are also natural and synthetic fibers that can improve functionality of your outfit.

Layer Clothing From Thin To Thick

While this is an obvious rule, some men do the opposite. It should be bulky on the outside, close fitting on the inside. It makes sense wearing something thin and light for the innermost layer since it makes contact with your body. The middle layer should be looser such as a sweater, cardigan, vest, or another shirt. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends finishing off the outfit with a thick coat such as a wool overcoat or trench coat.

Each Layer Should Be Able To Stand On Its Own

If one layer cannot stand on its own, do not wear it at all. It should be all about being comfortable with what you are wearing.

Don’t Go Overboard With Colors

The truth of the matter is that when you wear clothes with contrasting colors, chances are it will not always look good. There are instances when the combination may look jarring in the eye. The trick is to keep it simple and stick to a single “pop” of bright colors. The other layer can be more muted like an item with similar tone but with contrasting fabrics/textures.

Avoid Repeating Patterns

Patterned clothes will be more effective if you put a touch of variety. The problem is your outfit could become redundant. If you are planning to wear denim shirts, do not overdo it. Consider alternative patterns.

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