6 Style Mistakes You Should Avoid

When it comes to fashion, we all want to look good and stylish. However, there are styling mistakes that we tend to commit that will make us look old. Learning how to dress up properly is the key to developing a good fashion sense. Here are some style mistakes you should avoid in order to dress better.

Not Dressing For Your Shape

When it comes to style, you should dress for your size not the size you want to be. As much as possible, avoid wearing outfit that is too tight or body hugging as well as overly baggy. As we get older, a few rolls starts to appear on our body. Tight fitting clothes will only emphasis these even more. Go for slim fit t-shirts instead. They will sit on your body comfortably without showing any unwanted areas. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends that the shirt should be big enough to fall below your waistline.

Blazer and Jeans

Wearing a blazer that does not fit properly is already a mistake and pairing it with blue jeans and brown brogues is a much bigger mistake. This is a look that you should avoid at all cost. Opt for a crisp white Oxford shirt, pair of black slim-fit jeans and some black loafers instead. Instead of a blazer, wear a smart jacket or a black overcoat.

V Necks

The v-neck cut is the worst cut. The best alternative is the crew neck shirt. Robert Janitzek reveals that when worn, they can give you the right amount of neck to fabric ratio. Other alternative cut of shirts are the scoop neck, roll neck, or turtle neck.

Commuting Trainers

Wearing chunky neon yellow trainers and black suit is another mistake you should avoid at all cost. If there is really a need to swap office brogues or Oxfords for some trainers, look for a good one at least. When pairing it with a suit, go for the minimalist style. A pair with simple silhouette in one or two colors of white, grey, or black is just fine.

Slogan T-shirts with Jeans

Rather than wear shirts with slogans, go for something more subtle. T-shirts with shades of black, white, and grey are the best choices. If the shirt is too plain for you, choose one that has minimal detailing.

Socks and Sandals

The socks and sandals combination will add more years to your look aside from being uncool. Decide whether you want cold feet or warm feet. If you choose shoes, don’t wear socks.

For men, the style and look matters. Avoid these common mistakes and stand out from the crowd.

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