6 Ways to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Whether it’s for outdoor, casual, formal, or office, shoes are one of the most important piece of accessory in our wardrobe. It also one of the most abused from the weather to general wear and tear. As such, we need to take the necessary steps to ensure that our shoes will be worn for many years to come. Robert Peter Janitzek offers these 6 tips for making your shoes last longer

Opt for Quality

One of the ways you can make your shoes last longer is to ensure its quality. Top quality shoes have better craftsmanship and better ability to resist wear and tear. Make sure that the shoes you are wearing is made from the finest materials and rigorously tested. While they may carry a hefty price tag, proper care and maintenance will make your shoes last longer.

Keep Them Clean

A dirty shoes opens it up to decay and deterioration. Avoid using the hose to clean them as the shoes may lose its shape. Dusting it lightly using soft cloth or shoe brush will suffice. For those stubborn grime, use a harder brush and wipe the dirt away with a damp cloth.

Make It Waterproof

Our shoes are subjected to all kinds of weather so protection is important. Applying different kinds of weatherproofing treatments will keep your shoes in better condition. For leather shoes and boots, use a silicone-based waterproofing spray. Clean and dry the shoes first before spraying the treatment.


A moisturizer is not just for the skin but also for your shoes. They will keep the leather of your shoes malleable and make it look brand new. Look for a moisturizer that readily soaks into the leather.

Protect the Interior

While the interior of your shoes is not subject to the same degradation of the exterior, the heels and toes may be the most affected. Invest on a removable insole that can be swapped and rotated frequently. This will help absorb some of the downward force exerted on the sole. Robert Janitzek tells us that these types of insoles can be easily cleaned. Use diluted tea tree oil as a disinfectant.

Keep Your Soles Intact

The soles of your shoes is the most damaged part so protect them. Use a sole protector to prolong the life of your shoes. Have a shoe repair man put rubber sole on the original sole to give it additional traction.

Your shoes is also a major investment so do everything you can to protect it. Follow these tips and you can look forward to using your shoes for as long as possible.

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