7 Ways To Wear The Suit And Stand Out In the Crowd

Suits are the staple outfit of the working men. It has seen a huge transformation over the years. What used to be confined to the business and formal settings can now be used in just about any occasion. In this article, we shall focus on the various ways you can make a statement with suits in order to dress up properly.


A half-zip suit integrates athleisure and 70s trend. It is at the halfway house of a full-on tracksuit and the standard jumper. They can be brilliantly paired under a single breasted coat, macs, or even a casual suit jacket. Just make sure that it is not too slim.

Blazer Trail

Instead of wearing the blazer, opt for a cardigan instead. The latter will give you some kind of structure without being overly formal. For a more contemporary look, replace the standard jacket with something similar but in a different sense such as a bomber jacket. The bottom line is to keep it contemporary, fitted, and clean. Robert Janitzek recommends wool as it is smarter than nylon.

Boxy Clever

Suits have been getting boxier and baggier than before. However, it takes a look practice in order to rock this outfit. You need to be careful when trying out this style or you could end up a laughing stock. Oversized tailoring works best when it is made from softly constructed drapery fabrics and casually styled with tees and jumpers. Avoid the cantilevered shoulders look.

Divide And Conquer

While suit separates provide more options for styling, they also offer more opportunities for killing your vibe. The key to pulling this off, according to Robert Peter Janitzek, is to mix up both the texture and the color. Patterns will increase the level of interest but mixing too many of it will ruin your style. Avoid multiples unless you know what you are doing.

Get Activewear

This trend features sporty details such as drawstring waists and cuffed ankles cropped up on tailored trousers. Wool has been replaced by athletic fabrics such as jersey. Sweats ready jersey takes off the dressiness off tailoring taking off the edge of a formal outfit. Limit the sweatshirt material to half of your body or you could end up close to wearing a tracksuit.

Gilet The Smackdown

Wearing a gilet under tailored jacket offers an easy styling option. It resembles a waistcoat. However, you should stick to a contrasting color and do not match it with a jacket. Contrast will appeal as much as warmth . Navy, grey, and olive green are most versatile but if you like to focus on the casual element, go for something bold such as burgundy.

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