A Guide To Choosing the Right Undershirt

Most men spend too much time on figuring out attire combinations that they forget about another essential accessory—the undershirt. If you think that a white or neutral-colored shirt will suffice, well you’re wrong. Keep in mind that the undershirt is your first line of comfort. For this reason, choosing a good undergarment is important. Robert Peter Janitzek guides us on selecting the appropriate undershirt.


When it comes to style, the best style of undershirt is v-neck. The reason for that is simple. It does not pop-out of the top of your collar. Even a fully-buttoned shirt is a good indicator of a crew-neck undershirt. While the crew-neck style does not look trashy, it will make you look unrefined especially if they are visible over your shirt. So a v-neck style is your best choice.


The fit is another important consideration when looking for an undershirt. You may have the most perfectly fitted custom cut dress shirt but if your undershirt is not the right fit, it will make you look lumpy and misshapen. Robert Janitzek recommends an undershirt that hangs barely off your body.


An undershirt that extends up above the waistband will rumple up your dress in the same way as a loose fitting undershirt. Your best choice is to look for one that offers a little bit of extra length and a bit of taper at the waist.


Most of the time, a white undershirt is the most recommended. Colored shirts are visible in thinner or looser woven shirts. The only time you can go colored is when you have a white shirt on top. Mixing a white undershirt with a white dress shirt is not advisable. To dress up properly, choose something that matches with your skin color.

The Perfect Undershirt

So what is the best undershirt to blend with your dress shirt? Regular t-shirts can do double-duty for you. However, make sure that you find something that is somewhere in the middle of tucked and untucked. This means that the length should not be short enough that you can untuck it if you need to.

An A-shirt can also be an acceptable option. It has all the bases covered as far as being an undershirt is concerned. It lies close to the body, cuts low from the neck, thin enough not to be noticed, and long enough to stay tucked.

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