A Guide To The Men’s Trench Coat – Choosing The Fabric and Style

The men’s trench coat has been featured in movies like Dick Tracy and Inspector Gadget. Known as a stylish and practical piece of garment, it has been around the fashion scene for a long time already. It comes in different styles and materials to choose from. In order to dress up properly, you need to decide which style is the best fit. In this article, we shall guide you on the different kinds of trench coat

The Fabric

Trench coats are made from different kinds of fabrics so you can choose the right one that best suits your preference.

Gabardine. Invented by Thomas Burberry, gabardine is a tightly-woven fabric that can be differentiated because of its diagonal ribs on its face and smooth backing. Originally made from worsted wool, gabardine is now manufactured from cotton, polyester, or blend.

Leather. The hides of various animals make durable trench coats. Leather is recognized for durability, softness, and protective qualities. Robert Janitzek explains that leather trench coats need to be cleaned consistently. It also requires conditioning and air circulation for longer life.

Cotton Drill. Like gabardine, cotton drill is a tightly-woven fabric with a prominent twill weave. It is a strong, durable, and breathable fabric that is also used for making work gloves, chef aqprons, and others.
Serge. This fabric is used for making military uniforms and greatcoats. You might mistake it from gabardine but it is distinguishable by its diagonal ribs on both sides of the fabric.

The Styles

Single/Double Breasted. For the vertically challenged and/or lightweight, a single breasted trench coat is perfect for you. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, for a small man and his features, the double breasted trench coat is the right choice.

Belted. Trench coats are distinguishable because of their removable D-ring belt. Long ago, these coats were used so a military office could attach a sword or pistol holder. Nowadays, the purpose of the belt is to accentuate a man’s physical features.

Vented. Vented trench coats allowed soldiers to achieve maximum gait on his legs. Single vented trench coats had been the standard since its invention.

Storm Flap. A storm flap is an extra piece of fabric that covers the right side of a man’s breast. It serves as protection from water entering the jacket where the two folds meet.

Insulated Linings. Trench coats with insulated linings are reserved for tropical climates. For men living in areas with varying weather conditions, a trench coat with removable insulated lining is a perfect choice.

Shoulder Tabs. Shoulder tabs were used by solider for attaching their insignias. It allows distinction among soldiers who were trench coats. Today, shoulder tabs on trench coats are for aesthetic purposes only.

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