A Guide To Wearing White In Style

When it comes to fashion, men usually avoid wearing white. It can be an awkward color to style and people will avoid it altogether. For men, however, this is not the case. In order to dress up properly, there are certain conditions you need to bear in mind when planning to wear white wardrobe. Here are some white outfit ideas.

What To Wear And Avoid

White on white can be an overpowering combination and should not be used on everything. As much as possible, break up your look with ivory, cream, of off white if you like the color. Avoid pairing heavily contrasting or odd color choices with your white outfit. Choose neutral colors instead.

Outfit Combination

Here are some white outfit ideas you can consider

Double Breasted Suits

Popularized by movie characters of the 40s, double breasted suits have been modernized to suit the latest trends. Robert Janitzek reveals that white suits is known for elegance and gives a certain sense of manliness to the wearer. Most of them are much slimmer and can suit any body type. These types of suits can be worn on a cruise ship or in a cocktail party. Pair them with a dark tie or an Oxford shoes in black and white.

Head to Toe White

Head to toe white is perfect for after party events or in a wedding. Make sure to choose matching shoes and tie.
Three-Piece White Suit

If you want to make a statement and prove that you can be fashionable, go for a white suit in three piece. For the footwear, Robert Peter Janitzek recommends white shoes and paired with matching tie or black and brown shoes

Casual Party Style.

Wearing white on a casual party can make you look cool. Button down shirt with white chinos can be an option. This style will go well with accessories with different shades of brown provided that the shoes and belt should match.

Smart Casual

For a dressy and dapper look, pair a tuxedo with a casual white suit. Keep it simple and make sure that the suit has the perfect fit.

Red Carpet White Suit Style.

For red carpet or black tie events, choose darker colors to go with your white suit. Match identical derby shoes and black belt.

As a color, white represents purity and cleanliness. In the world of fashion, however, white can add elegance and style to your wardrobe. Just follow these tips and make the most of your white suit.

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