A Look At The Different Types of Hats

Hats have established themselves as a fixture in European style fashion. Aside from offering protection, it has also become a fashion icon. They can finish off any casual, classy, or eclectic ensemble. In this article, we shall take a look at the different styles of hats to choose from.


Fedora hats has stood the test of time, It was the hat of choice in the 1920s and 1950s and among hipsters in the 2000s. Today, fedora hats is one of the most polarizing men’s accessories. Fedoras come in different sizes and colors, it is best to choose fedoras with a neutral tone and medium widths.


Trilby hats are made from tweed or straw. Robert Janitzek reveals that this type of hat features a smaller brim and taller crowns than the fedora. They are worn at the back of your head instead of pulled forward to protect the face. Trilby hats are more of a fashion piece than a functional hat. The trilby has been worn by boy band members as well as those coming from the upper class.

Panama Hat

A panama hat is best paired with a beach backdrop and a white linen shirt. Made from plaited leaves, the Panama hat has become a popular accessory for seaside and tropical destinations. They are lightweight, breathable, and easy to wear.


Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the bowler hat is one of the most iconic British style hats. They are a hard, felt hat with a narrow brim and is also known as a derby hat. They can be paired with double-breasted suits, tailored pants, and dress shoes.


The snapback is a 90’s style baseball cap which burst into the fashion scene after it was popularized by Yankees fans. It derived its name from the adjustable fastener at the back. It is a one-size fits all hat that offers a relaxed and oversized fit. It has a more rigid design which makes it more structured.

Dad Hat

Dad hats are relaxed baseball caps usually made from canvas. It comes with an adjustable strapback closure making it one-size fits all. They make great addition to any sports luxe ensemble and can add a vintage twist to any casual look.


The newsboy cap emerged in the 19th century and made a huge comeback in the 2000s. It is a round and full cap with panels and a button on top attached to the front of the hat to the brim. It has been worn by many affluent men and women.

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