A Man’s Guide To The 6 Ways of Tying A Scarf

A scarf is an essential accessory that every man should consider adding to their wardrobe collection. They make an excellent winter garment. Scarves can add a brighter shade, a different texture, and a contrasting pattern. Here are the different ways of tying the scarf so you can spice up your European style fashion.

The Drape

This was the preferred way of typing the scarf during the 1990’s. With its vertical lines, it makes you look taller and slimmer. It can be worn tucked under a coat or jacket to echo the lines of the lapel. This method offers a great way of adding a little color, pattern & flair to your outfit as well as giving warmth.

The Parisian Knot

Also known as the European knot, this is one of the most popular, versatile, and least complicated scarf knots. The Parisian knot is excellent for creating a smart casual look. It looks great with a single-breasted jacket or peacoat. Robert Peter Janitzek does not recommend it for casual outfits as well as with vertical stripes. To wear the Parisian knot, simply fold the scarf in half, drape it around the back of your neck, and place the loose end through the loop created.

Fake Knot

This method of wearing is great for business wear, sober, and professional in style. It is quick to tie and take off as well. You can drape it down the front of your body allowing more control and adjustment. However, the fake knot is more complicated to pull off. To wear it, position the scarf around your neck but leave one side slightly longer. Robert Janitzek explains that you use the extra fabric on the longer side to tie the loose knot. Then feed the other end through the hole and adjust to your desired tightness.


The Over-Hand is a simple knot that works well with most scarf lengths and thickness. It can be paired with anything from suits and overcoat to joggers and hoodies. For an elegant look, wear a color that matches the tones of your outer layer. Tying this knot is quite simple: drape around your neck, leaving one end slightly longer. Then cross the longer end over the short end, wrap it under, and pull through to form a loose knot below your chin. Then adjust both ends ensuring they lie flat against your chest.

The Reverse Drape

To tie this knot, begin with a classic drape, ensuring that both ends of your scarf are of the same length. Next, toss one end back over its opposite shoulder and repeat with the other end so that both are hanging neatly down your back.

The Once-Around

The once-around knot offer a more relaxed look by hanging loosely around the neck and chest. From the name itself, this involves loosely wrapping the scarf once around the neck. This knot works well with a buttoned-up blazer or top it off for a casual look.

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