A Man’s Guide To The Best Braid Styles

Braided hair is usually associated with women. So men who don this hairstyle can be considered unorthodox. But in reality, braids have been a fixture since prehistory used by cultures stretching from Africa to Scandinavia and China. With men now sporting long hair, braids have found their way in men’s fashion. They have spiced up men’s desire to carry European style fashion. So read on and get acquainted with the different kinds of braid styles for men.


This is the most popular braid style for men. It is characterized by tight braids worn close to the head. You can choose between single plaits or double braids. With cornrows, you can play with texture and barbers can be as intricate as they can with style.

Layered Braids

Layered braids can be ponytailed or left alone to hang free. You will achieve the best look when you leave your hair short enough.

Box Braids

Box braids are ideal for men who cannot wait for their hair to grow out. Robert Janitzek reveals that this style offers add in extensions for additional length. However, additional hair can take several hours to braid.

Viking Braid

Popularized by Vikings king Ragnar Lothbrok, the Vikings style braid pulls long hair back to a single, thick warrior braid. If your workplace has a strict policy about haircuts, dial back the undercut slightly.

Single Plait

Currently worn by Jared Leto, the single plait style gives you a standard ponytail feel like you have actually exerted some effort.

Braids with Bun

If you simply cannot let go of your man bun, then add some texture to it with braids from your forehead extended into the topknot. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that this style works well with one or multiple plaits.

Twin Pigtails

This was popularized by True Detective creator Cary Fukunaga in 2014 when she swapped her topknot for shoulder length braids.

Though each style differs by technique, the preparation for most braids is the same. Brush any tangles out of your hair then create a center parting with the pointy end of a comb. Depending on whether you want your braids straight or patterned, separate your hair into sections. The size of the sections will dictate how big the braids are. If you just want a single braid, you can leave the rest of your hair untouched and then either have it dangle, Viking-style, or run it over or around your head and hold it in place with hairpins.

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