A Men’s Guide To Shoe Combinations

The footwear is one of the pieces that will be easily noticed when you are in a crowd. As such, you need to make a good first impression by wearing the right colored shoe to match your outfit. Making the perfect combination is not that difficult these days especially with rules on footwear less rigid nowadays. Still, a wrong shade of shoes will make you feel out of places and talked about for the wrong reason. In order to dress up properly, here are some tips on how to get the right shoe combination.

Black Shoes

Black shoes is the smartest version in any category. Whether its for a black tie affair or just for a formal work shoe, black should be your go-to color for black tailoring. Black shoes are also great for grey or charcoal tailoring. Black with blue is also fine but it is best to go for the darker shades. If you are wearing black shoes with a chino, go for the less formal style.

Brown Shoes

With a variety of brown shoes available, you would surely find one that is right for your situation. When it comes to brown shoes, Robert Janitzek reveals that the lighter the shade, the more relaxed the look. Brown shoes add a touch of personality to your outfit and feel a touch less stuffy. Brown shoes is the best choice for chinos of any color. Just make sure that you do not match too closely. For double denim, for example, choose at least two shades of difference between trousers and shoes.

Oxblood Shoes

As a color, oxblood can serve as a neutral. They tend to work in a similar way as brown. They are a touch bolder so they can give whatever you are wearing an ounce or two of personality. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that making a statement with smart shoes does not mean you have to go far out of your comfort zone. Rather than go for something extravagant, go for something simple such as silhouettes that you already have on your daily wear.

Tan Shoes

Tan is the most casual tone of brown. Suede shoes are also great but they are best for informal outfits. For a smart casual look, tan can give personality to your outfit. It works well with jeans of all shades and chinos of all colors. During the summer, you can even wear tan shoes with shorts.

Blue Shoes

While blue shoes can be a staple in your wardrobe, it may be uncomfortable for smart shoes. Casual styles can best be complemented by blue shoes. Textured leathers are perfect for navy outfits. Suede shoes can make you feel and look like Elvis Presley. It adds depth which you cannot get from leather.

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