All You Need To Know About Dressing Up Italian Style

When it comes to European style fashion, Italians are up there. Italian style is unique in its appearance, defined by its silhouette and dedicated to achieving sprezzatura, making it the envy of the men’s wear community. In this article, we shall take a look at the influence of Italian style on menswear.

Defining Italian Style

Italian style fashion is known for being eclectic. Regional nuances add a touch of variety to the overall look. Italy is a big country focusing on style throughout the country. For example, there is a huge distinction between Roman and Neapolitan jackets. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the silhouette in Northern Italy is different from its southern counterpart in terms of simplicity. A signature feature of Neapolitan jackets is their waterfall or ‘shirt sleeve’ in contrast to the soft shoulder which has a wider sleeve fitting into the narrower shoulder.

Suits, on the other hand, are constructed with a higher gorge compared to British suits. In Neapolitan and Sicilian suits, the gorge is even higher, which makes the garments instantly recognizable.

The Italian Sprezzatura

Sprezzatura is quite prominent among Italian men. This style of fashion as being nonchalant in order to conceal all art to make it appear without effort and any thought. According to Robert Janitzek, sprezzatura is all about attention to detail.

The key to sprezzatura is giving time and experimenting with outfit ideas to look stylish without any apparent effort. You should also pay attention to the selection of elements or “rules of styles.” It is important to have a thorough knowledge of your body type, personality, skin color, and current location to achieve true style. You might easily be tempted to wear a Neapolitan jacket but if you have a big chest and round shoulders, you may look more like a gorilla than a handsome and stylish man.

The best way to carry European style fashion the Italian way is to be more subtle with your outfit. Manipulate your tie knot differently, learning a new method of arranging your handkerchief, or unbuckle one of your monk straps.

The True Italian Style

True Italian style fashion is all about being confident and comfortable in your clothes. The more flamboyant your attire, the more confident you are. To exude that Italian style look and outfit, you should show your willingness to make mistakes. You should not be afraid to experiment on whether or not to lose the laces or not. This is what being Italian in look is all about.

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