All You Need To Know About the Cravat

If you have not considered wearing a cravat yet, it is time that you do so. Classy and elegant, it is one piece of fashion accessory that you should consider adding to your closet. Although it is small, it can be compact when worn. The fabric of the cravat is tucked into a shirt and can be a great choice for men who want to dress up properly. So how do you choose right cravat? This article will guide you on how to choose the right cravat.

The Day Cravat

From the name itself, a day cravat is an informal accessory worn during the day. It is designed to add additional style to your ensemble. It can give you a semi-formal look. While day cravats are usually self-tied, you can find semi-tied variants. It is best to buy the self-tied so you can be free to tie it as you wish.

The Wedding Cravat

The wedding cravat is the more formal and resembles a tie. According to Robert Janitzek, the main difference is that the tie has a scrunched knot. All wedding cravats have double flaps with one flap going over the other and held together with a cravat pin.

The British Cravat

This type of cravat drew its inspiration from Great Britain. Made of silk, they are usually paired with multilayered suits, three-piece suits, pea cots, jackets, or shirts and trousers. The choice of pattern and fabric will depend on your preference and occasion.

Cravat Fabric

All Silk – This is a cravat made entirely of silk without extra backing or lining. One of the benefits of an all-silk cravat is that it is slippier than a cotton backed cravat. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that it will usually require a different tie to hold it in its place. An advantage of an all-silk cravat is that is of lighter weight.

Silk + Cotton Backing – One of the most popular alternatives to an all silk cravat is lining the back with cotton. The color is usually different from the cravat. Silk and cotton backed cravats are more comfortable giving you a more reliable fitting and tying. They are slightly thicker than the all-sick counterpart. Once tied, they can create a puffed out billowing effect.

Polyester – Polyester is still preferred because they are more durable and offer alternative designs not available in silk cravats. If budget is an issue, then polyester cravats is the perfect choice. Soft and comfortable, they are slightly shorter in length than silk cravats.

Wool – Wool cravats come in specialized designs such as tartan. They still have cotton backing for additional comfort and knot security.

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