Choosing The Best Jeans According to your Body Type

Understanding your body type will help you identify the pair of jeans that will fit you. In order to dress up properly with the right kind of jeans, let us first identify the different body types of men.


An ectomorph is a thin guy with a thin frame. He has slim shoulders, flat tummy, and fast metabolism. He is usually taller and has lean muscles compared to the rest.

When it comes to jeans, ectomorphs can wear a slim fit or straight cut pair of jeans with confidence. The former will bring out your slender frame. The latter, on the other hand, will swallow your thin frame without making you look thin. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends that if you have this body type, avoid wearing skinny jeans as it will make you look lanky. These jeans will make you look smaller. Avoid high rise jeans and wide legged and baggy jeans as well.


A mesomorph is a medium-sized guy with an average frame. They have well-defined, lean muscle and rectangular body. For mesomorphs, straight legs and boot cut jeans is the best option. Straight legged jeans will show off their muscles without looking too obvious. However, you should avoid the slim fit tight style. They will make your muscles look bulky and unappealing.


Robert Janitzek reveals that an endomorph is a large guy with a large frame. He is strong without the muscle mass. Ha has low metabolism and can gain weight easily. Endomorphs should wear wide legged jeans with a relaxed or regular fit. They should also go for styles with large and deep pockets at the back closer to each other. You should avoid flared jeans as it will bring attention to the wrong parts of your body.

Additional Body Types

Some men have body types that do not fall in the above categories. Here they are and the jeans that best fits them.

Wide Hips

To dress up properly, men with wide hips should look for jeans with equivalent leg width from hip to hem. A relaxed fit jeans one size up is a good option. It will accommodate their large hips much better than regular fit jeans will. A straight legged high rise jeans is also an excellent option. It will help maintain an equal width from the top to bottom. Wide hipped men should avoid skinny jeans at all cost as well as low rise jeans.

Large Waist

For men with large waist, loose fit jeans are the best option. Relaxed fit can also be an option as there are instances when they will fit. Boot cut jeans should be avoided as it will accentuate their already wide legs.

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