Choosing The Right Watch For Your Suit

Watches are the perfect complement to a suit. They are a symbol of elegance, class, and convenience. Choosing a watch to pair with your suit can be tricky. Robert Peter Janitzek guides us on choosing the right watch for your suit.

Navy Blue or Black Suits

The most preferred color of suits, a navy blue or black suit give a sleek and sophisticated finish and is very versatile. You should stick to tonally similar pieces or go for something that stands out a little more while giving you a classy and clean look.

For the watch, choose one with a simple face but with a colored strap for a character that will not clash with your navy suit. If you do not want a colored strap, a black strap will add elegance. Robert Janitzek explains that if you want to maintain a classic look, a watch with silver strap and face is the perfect choice. This is best for a white shirt and black jacket as it will add contrast to the black.

Grey Suit

There are different shades for a grey suit ranging from charcoal to marl grey so finding a matching watch can be tricky. If you are looking for a subdued look, choose a watch with colored face and strap. It will blend well with a lighter grey suit if you prefer to keep the whole outfit cleaner and a dark grey suit for some contrast and balanced look.

For a bolder look, an all black watch will complement well with most shades of grey resulting to a clean, chic, and contemporary finish. Although this style is not for everyone but if the shades match well, you could stand out.

Brown and Tan Suits

Usually reserved for warmer weather or less formal occasions, brown or tan suits can still give a classic and stylish look. You have to make sure that you will wear the right watch to pair with your suit. A brown strap is a smart complement for your brown suit so go ahead and wear it.

Brown suits are less formal so a watch with extra detailing such as added time zones, artistic additions, and a different colored second hand. Whether you opt for added details or not, choose a watch with a warm gold over a cool silver face.

However, for suits with a different shade of brown, the rules will change. Since the colors of brown are a little bit warmer, you can go for a darker brown watch to pair with a lighter brown suit.

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