Choosing the Right Winter Jacket

Winter is that time of the year when the wind becomes chilly and the temperature becomes cool. If you are still using a windbreaker, it’s high time to set your sights on winter jackets. There are different types to choose from but which one should you wear. Robert Peter Janitzek guides us on what jacket to wear for certain occasions.

The topcoat

Often made of wool for structure and warmth, the topcoat is an epitome of timelessness and versatility. Although it was designed to be worn over a suit, it does not mean you can combine it with a more casual off-duty look. When paired with a jogger pants, it will give you a street-savvy style.


The peacoat is generally lightweight and is also perfect for the more temperate fall season. It can be paired with just about everything from a suit to sneakers. Peacoats have the ability to make casual look smarter and formal attire more hip. Robert Janitzek reveals that it features tailored double-breasted styling and classic contemporary charm.

Varsity Jacket

Varsity jackets are not only ideal during the fall season but also an alternative as a cold-weather outerwear. While it is designed to give one a sporty look, it can also adapt to any type of look when styled correctly.

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets were used by World War II pilots in order to keep themselves warm at high altitudes. Often made from distressed leather for added character, most recent updates include shearling lining and collar giving the rugged yet trendy look. These types of jackets can be paired with a black denim and t-shirt for the ultimate European style fashion.

Down Jacket

Down jackets are puffy but not too puffy. They have a varying spectrum of bulk factor. The thinnest varieties are great for layering but are also great as a standalone outerwear on a chilly evening. Adding a detachable hood makes the down jacket more versatile.

Moto Jacket

This type of jacket is often rendered in black leather and an array of buckles, zip pockets, and epaulets. When paired with a neutral jeans ensemble, it can create a solid statement.

The Parka

Parka jackets offer the perfect protection from rain, sleet, and snow. Often water-resistant, this hood-equipped jacket creates a cocoon-like effect. Designed to withstand the toughest of winters, you need not be experiencing a blizzard to wear this jacket.

These jackets are your protection during the winter months. The choice of jacket will all boil down to your personal style and preference.

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