Common Mistakes In Carrying A Bag

A bag is one of the most commonly used accessories by men. Carrying a bag is not as simple as it may seem. A wrongly carried bag can ruin whatever look you want to project. Here are some common mistakes men can make when carrying their bag and how to correct them to complement your European style fashion.

Pairing the Wrong Bag with the Wrong Outfit

Just like most things, bags should be carried at the perfect time and in the right place. Tote bags are great for commuting but not when going to the beach. Canvas backpacks should never be worn with your work suit from Monday to Friday.

To remedy the situation, match your bag with your outfit. While briefcases and folios are no longer exclusive for the office, a backpack can be paired with your suit without ruining your style. It is worth considering the look and feel of what is at the end of your arm.

Underestimating the Color of Your Bag

Carrying a bold bag can add some life to an old suit than any jazzy tie can. Robert Janitzek reveals that it is always advisable to stuck up on the classic shades of tan, navy and black before anything else. You can pair these colors with louder bags in colors and fabrics such as khaki and ballistic nylon.

Carrying A Bag Not Designed For Purpose

While totes are great for short walks to the shops, they are not ideal to carry coffee, the morning paper, and rummage for your train ticket at the same time. To fix the problem, make sure you have an everyday bag with straps. Utilitarian bags like backpacks and messenger bags are the safest option. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that handheld styles can also be a good option as they come with detachable straps that can be stored when not in use.

Buying Faux Leather

Buying leather can carry a heavy price tag forcing people to buy imitation which is as good as the real thing. But if you have a budget, investing on genuine leather will pay dividends in the long run. Aside from better quality, it will also get better as it ages because the body will soften.

Choosing A Bag Without Compartments

When it comes to bags, the look and the substance are both important. It can be daunting to find your gum, loose change, and keys inside your bag. You are better off looking for a bag with side pockets that will carry all your essentials within reach. If you are looking for a work bag, consider one that offers additional storage for keeping files and the occasional dodgy dossier.

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