European Men’s Luxury Brands You Should Invest In

When it comes to apparel, most men still prefer the luxury brand. To do this, they invest on ‘designer’ brand. Unfortunately, the word ‘designer’ is often misused in clothing. This type of fashion stands for craftsmanship, quality fabric, and aesthetic value. In search for designer brands? Robert Janitzek guides us on designer labels that you should invest on.


This Italian brand has undergone one of the most drastic transformations since Alessandro Michele took over the helm in 2015. The modern day Gucci is now known as a challenging archetypal menswear, offering an eclectic and romantic feel. What remains is the Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Neil Barrett

Neil Barrett used to be part of the design team of Prada and Gucci during the nineties before jumping ship and launching his own label in 1999. His forte includes contemporary graphics and monochromes hues over minimalist style essentials in quality fabrics.

Dolce & Gabana

When it comes to European style fashion, Dolce & Gabana needs no introduction. The Silician duo has designed some of the most iconic menswear collection down the runway since 1985. Some of their most famous designs include the monogram only stamps on sleek and luxurious pieces. They are designed for work and the weekend.


This heritage down jacket maker has become a fully-fledged European fashion heavyweight. This label combines innovative materials with sporty silhouettes, Try out their quilted outerwear from blazers to gilets to full-blown hooded parkas with fur trim.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has been synonymous with being luxurious. Starting out as a trunk maker in 19th-century Paris, this French label has become a giant in the industry. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that Louis Vuitton now offers extensive tailoring and accessories as well as rifling on younger-gen cool with luxed-up sneakers and sophisticated streetwear outfits.


Since 1913, Prada has been worn by some of the most stylish celebrities on the red-carpet. Aside from sharp suiting, Prada has also ventured into chic athleisure and off-duty pieces.

Giorgio Armani

As one of Italy’s most respected designers, Giorgio Armani is known in the industry for his immaculate tailoring. He is responsible for merging expert craftsmanship and luxurious materials, which has become the label’s legacy. Recently, Armani has embraced the comfort themes in menswear, which includes louche tailoring and plush knits off-duty, with flawless suits for work.

So when investing on luxury apparel, these brands are the ones that should be at the top of your mind.

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