How a Bomber Jacket Should Fit

The popularity of bomber jackets can be traced back to World War I. It is a classic statement piece for a variety of styles. It is called as such because it was worn by bombers during the war. It offers stylish and practical features. As a staple of European style fashion, it offers comfort, warmth, and ease of movement. Here are some tips on how to make a bomber jacket fit.

Overall Fit

Bomber jackets can make or break any outfit hence the overall fit is important. You will need enough space for layering over a range of outfits. The important thing is that it should keep you warm and not looking like a sack. Your aim is to wear the jacket the best way you can and can complement your body type.


It is universally accepted that the most important aspect of a perfectly fitted jacket depends on the shoulders. Robert Peter Janitzek says that It should fit you naturally otherwise the jacket is loss. Even if you are going for an oversized style, baggy shoulders never look good. The important thing is that it should carefully frame your shoulder giving it a smooth and clean look.


Bomber jackets have the tendency to be less streamlined than conventional jackets with the traditional durable style is focused on a more statement, padded look. This bulky look is due to the materials used, with the leather outing and inner lining resulting to a heavier finish. Since it has a naturally cropped design of the jacket, Robert Janitzek recommends aiming for a flattering V-shape when zipped up, with the padded edge fitting closely around the torso.


One of the unique features of a bomber jacket is the knitted collar framing the neck, which is chunkier than the jacket itself. It was originally designed as protection for high altitude winds. It is now a distinctive part of the look so make sure that it is the correct fit. The collar extends up a little giving a clean, streamlined look encompassing the neck. Your aim is to gain a flattering, complimentary look so avoid a design that goes too high up the neck.


In order to dress up properly, make sure that your sleeves end on or just above the wrist bone. Conventional designs show a clean contrast in size between the main part of the sleeves and the cuff. You may feel like the sleeves are bulky but on the outside, this is the look you should be aiming for.

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