How To Build The Perfect Watch Wardrobe

One of the most commonly used accessories is the watch. Regardless of the occasion, a watch can add to your style. For a beginner, buying watches can be daunting. So it pays to do some online research first. You should consider a color, style, and design that you like. In order to dress up properly, here are some common rules when buying a watch.

Triwa Watches

Triwa is one of the new players in the watch industry. The name is an acronym of ‘Transforming the Industry of Watches’ as a reminder of their ethos of always placing style over status. From a single design, the brand has grown into a range of 10 models sold across 25 countries built using premium materials such as brushed steel and organically tanned Swedish leather. The brand offers style for every occasion.

Watches Every Man Should Own

Gone are the days when watches were for life. Times have changed and now you need a watch for every occasion. Robert Janitzek reveals that there are four basic types of watches that you should own.

A Minimalist Watch

A minimalist watch is a sleek and versatile form of watch. It is defined by a stripped back dial, barely-there hands, simple digits, and nothing else. It is a no-fuss, no-gimmick bac-to-basics watch. Minimalist watches are slowly becoming the new standard. It is designed to complement any outfit from a dressed down suit to a simple jeans and T-shirt combination.

A Chronograph

A chronograph is set apart by a stopwatch function that can measure any amount of time, from a matter of minutes to a whole day. Robert Peter Janitzek says that chronographs are functional watches that can be used to time anything from sporting event or even space travel. It is durable and practical which makes it perfect for outdoor or physical activities.

A Dress Watch

A dress watch is another type of watch with a minimal design. It features just the time and date with no other additional features. Dress watches are best saved for formal occasions, whether it’s in the office or black tie event. It is also ideal for the man to likes to keep his style pared back and unpretentious.
A dress watch is perfect if you just need a watch that is relaxed, good-looking, and works for day-to-day life.

Casual Watches

Casual watches have a bit more pizzaz. While some would consider a metal bracelet less formal, a watch with leather brown strap is the perfect match for denims, t-shirts, knitwear, and other casual clothing.

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