How to Choose the Right Dress Socks

Choosing the right dress socks for your suit is important if you want to make an impression. Wearing your gym socks on your suit is a no-no. When shopping for socks, you need to invest in dress socks in order to dress up properly. Here is a short guide on choosing the right dress socks for your custom made suit.

The Material

The main purpose of socks is to soak up moisture. Your choice of material will have a huge effect on its ability to keep moisture away from your trotters before it evaporates. When it comes to the material for your socks, the choice boils down to cotton, wool, and synthetic.

While some consider cotton as the best material for most apparel, this is not true in the case of socks. Yes, they can soak up moisture but cotton does not have the ability to release it. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that wet cotton socks will stay wet throughout the day which can make you uncomfortable during a late afternoon client meeting.

Compared to cotton, wool is better it releasing mositure. However, they are too bulky for your suit and will not make you sleek looking. Synthetic is also great for moisture evaporation. However, they can make you uncomfortable.

If this is the case, look for a dress sock that combines either cotton or wool with a synthetic fiber. Experiment with different combinations to see which the best for your suit is.


These days when we see people wearing casual clothing and an inch or two of a hairy calf, we can only say that it’s no big deal. However, in the tailoring circle a glimpse of skin below the knee is a mortal sin. Robert Janitzek reveals that socks should be at least halfway up your calf. Some manufacturers have their own perception of calf length socks that barely cover the ankles.


For many generations, black was the color of choice for formal suits. However, this is no longer applicable these days. The old rule of thumb was to match the sock to the shoe. However, these days, socks are not commonly matched with the pants. If you are the more adventurous one, you can contrast your dress socks with the pants. However, choose the colors carefully. Go for a color that is different from your outfit. You do not want your socks to surpass the look altogether.

In order to dress up properly, you should take these tips into consideration. Invest in several pairs of socks just to be safe.

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