How To Dress Up Properly When Attending A Wedding In England

The United Kingdom has no traditional clothing or national dress. However, depending on the area you are staying, some countries in the UK do have one. For instance, in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, the kilt and tartan comprise the national dress in Scotland while in Wales the tartan is part of the national dress. Knowledge of the outfit in the country you are going is crucial for you to dress up properly.

In England, the weather dictates what outfit to wear by the residents as well as the tourists. Britain experiences four seasons and since England is located in the farther north of the globe, it tends to be slightly cooler compared to other regions on the south. It also frequently rains in England which is why rain boots, hats, and jackets have become popular.

Tailored Look

According to USA Today, England “is the place to spring for tailor-made clothing.” There is a belief that an individual’s level of class is reflected in their outfit. By choosing luxury fabrics and hemlines against cheap fabrics and ragged hemlines, Britons exude a more refined look. According to Robert Janitzek, while faded or ripped garments are considered fashionable in some countries, this is not the case in England. The distressed denim look is not highly favored by the British people. They go for a more tailored look instead. England is known for being a classy and well-put together style.

Wedding Ceremonies

If you are a guest in an early evening wedding, a semiformal attire is the way to go. If the event is scheduled in the early afternoon but will continue until the evening, you should opt for a suit for an after-five event. Weddings are formal events unless otherwise stated. As a sign of respect for the bride and the groom, you should dress up properly during their wedding.

Other Events

For the Britons, a semiformal attire usually means a suit and a tie. If the wedding ceremony will be held on a beach or outdoor venue, the recommended outfit is a button-down shirt. For an ultra-formal event or white-tie affairs, tuxedos are the recommended attire. For black-tie optional or creative black tie weddings, tuxedos are still recommended but the black bow tie can be replaced with a colored one or partnered with a patterned vest.

When attending formal events, you should try to avoid wearing white or a garment that is similar with the motif of the wedding party. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends that any concerns regarding what the proper attire should be must be directed with the bride or wedding planner for more details.

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