How To Look Parisian in 9 Steps

Parisians are known for being chic and stylish. If you will be traveling to this city, it is important that you have an understanding of how they dress up for style. In this article, Robert Peter Janitzek guides us on how to blend in with the people and look Parisian.

1. Always wear sunglasses

Parisians are fond of wearing big and chunky sunglasses. It makes them look cool and stylish. Just make sure that you do not wear a sunglass with colored lenses.

2. No big bags allowed

As much as possible, your bag should be handheld and quilted if you are more than 50 and a plain one if younger. Rucksacks are absolute no-nos for the Parisians.

3. Match your outfits

Parisians coordinate their outfits days in advance. Robert Janitzek reveals that they want to make sure that their socks match their hairclip, which matches their head dress, and their coat.

4. Looking good is always worth it

Yes, there will be times when your outfits will not match and will make you look worse. Some dresses will make you feel miserable but at least there was an effort to look good and that is what’s important.

5. Be natural

For Parisians, it is better to stay natural than look like a pancake. For men, there is a choice between the shabby and unshaven and a more groomed handsome look. A true Parisian man will always prefer their natural look than be mistaken for a character in a Truffaut film.

6. Wear scarves

Like a natural European style fashion, Parisian men wear scarves. By doing so, people will think that you are indeed French and not a tourist.

7. Gold

Are you fond of silver accessories? Wearing silver may make you look like a rock star. Adorn yourself with gold and easily blend in with the local folks.

8. Fur

For other nationalities, wearing fur in the summer is weird but not for Parisians. In fact, the bulkier the fur coat, the more stylish and chic you will look.

9. Mind your manners

Parisians have been typecasted as people with a fluid concept of manners. So make sure to be sullen, pushy, and always say excuse me. The most important thing is never to miss that smile.

France is well-renowned for its sense of style and fashion. Keep these 9 tips in mind and you are on your way to looking Parisian and blending well with the local people.

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