How To Make A Cheap Suit Look Expensive

When your office demands some kind of business casual dress codes, you have no choice buy purchase a suit. However, this type of outfit carries a heavy price tag. While you need to invest on a bespoke outfit once in a while, there is also nothing wrong with buying cheap suits as well. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the trick is on knowing how to make cheap look expensive. So read on and be guided.

Take In The Sleeves

You can have your tailor tweak every last detail of your suit so it will look custom-made. This includes taking in your sleeves. You would want narrow tapered sleeves that hug your arms while allowing more movement to do what needs to be done.

Replace The Buttons

Cheap suits come with flimsy shiny plastic buttons that can easily break or get lost on a hectic work day. Since you’re already in the tailor, you can ask him to replace the buttons with genuine horn as well.

Add A Cuff At The Ankle

Robert Janitzek recommends that aside from giving your trousers a slim, tapered leg with no break at the hem, have your tailor add a 1.5” cuff. Budget suits do not have one so it will make yours expensive.

Add Monochromatic Styling

Limit your color palette when selecting your shirt, tie, and shoes to make the suit look richer and finer. Switch up the colors and patterns with every piece to create depth. Apply the 202-level move that is add one item like a pocket square or soft briefcase from a different color family.

Pair It With A Great Necktie

Finding a necktie for your suit is not an easy task. In order to dress up properly, if you have a black or blue suit, pair it with a brightly colored tie to give it more life. Make sure that you are using a silk tie and not cotton, linen, or polyester. Silk ties can make your cheap suit look like a million bucks.

Finish Off with Expensive Shoes

Making every aspect of your look cheap can be more difficult. If there is one thing that you will have to invest on it has to be a pair of expensive shoes. You can grab them on sale or NIB on e-Bay anyway so you would not have to complain about the price. Black shoes can pair well with any colored suits. For brown or burgundy shoes, avoid black suits. Make sure to keep your shoes shined and polished. Use shoe trees to maintain the shape of your shoes.

Follow these tips and your cheap suit will look like a million dollar one.

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