How To Match Your Shoes with Your Suit

The footwear is a vital component of your outfit when wearing suits. It is an important accessory that can change the overall appeal of your suit. More than watches, the truth of the matter is that it would be shoes that can break your bank. When it comes to shoes, you have to make sure that it will complement the color of your suit. In order to dress up properly, here is a short guide on matching your footwear with that of your suit.

The Best Shoes for Suits

Back in the old days, the choice of shoes to wear with a suit boils down to a formal Oxford shoes and the slightly less formal derby shoes. As time went by, the rules were relaxed so now leather sandals or sneakers can serve as ‘suit shoes.’ Still, the classic Oxford and derbies are the best option for matching with suits. As such, you should have at least one pair of each in your wardrobe. These two types of shoes will provide a versatile footwear for work and events.

Shoes For A Navy Suit

Robert Janitzek reveals that a navy suit is one of the most versatile outfits. This color of suit can complement any color of skin tone. It also offers the perfect balance of smart and casual that will serve you well in the office as well as dressier events. For navy suits, a brown leather or suede style shoes is the best option. Shades of tan and dark chocolate will complement well with navy.

Shoes For A Gray Suit

Being a neutral color, gray shoes would suit any kind of shoes very well. It will pair well with just about any color on the color wheel from leather to pink suede. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that there are still some classic combinations that you should be having in your wardrobe. Dark shades of brown, burgundy, oxblood, and navy can inject enough clear but pastel shades can also work well. For a classic look, black leather shoes, Chelsea boots, or other similar brogue versions will look impressive on a wool suit.

Shoes For A Black Suit

Although black is usually the best color of shoes that can complement a black suit, it is best to steer from the traditional. While black is a neutral color, the overall effect will appear more brash than finely blended. Black oxfords are highly recommended followed by Derbies.

Shoes for Neutral Suits

When you say neutral, the first colors that come to mind are beige, off-white, taupe and so on. However, the secret to accessorizing a neutral suit is choosing shoes that is both different enough to contrast with it but similar enough to complement its earthiness.

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