How To Pair Shirt And Tie With Black Suit

Before learning about shirt and tie and black suit combinations, you should first have an understanding of how your suit should fit. When it comes to suits, proportion is the key in order to dress up properly and stand out in the crowd. If you don’t get it right, you will look sloppy which defeats the whole purpose of wearing a suit.

What Works Well With Black

Essentially, a black suit by itself can be quite boring. If you are looking to add some spice to it, it is important to know what color works well with black. When wearing a black suit, make sure to pair it with a color that matches well with your complexion. For fair skin, go for a shirt with warmer color. If you are dark-skinned, the black suit should be second nature.

Colored Shirts

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that red blends well with a black suit. For a swanky look, pair black with a vibrant navy or an electric blue shirt. Other colors such as pink, white, grey and silver, as well as blue and yellow also complements black. However, keep in mind that black should be the prevailing color so use other colors in moderation.

When to Wear a Coloured Shirt with Your Black Suit

A colored shirt paired with black suit is a great option for office wear or for a job interview. Adding a dash of color into your formal wear can eliminate the monotony in wearing a suit. Robert Janitzek suggests making sure to be tasteful about it so avoid overly bright or garish colors.

The Printed Shirt

Printed shirts offer an experimental way of mixing up suit combinations. To avoid going too over the top, go for muted colors in small repetitive prints like polka dots or stripes. To add some personality to your black suit, wear a suit that suits your personality and style. Just be careful not to go overboard or you will stand out for the wrong reason. Printed shirts are great for a date or formal occasion as it shows subtle flair while still keeping things understated.

Patterned shirts such as checkered, floral, or striped can work wonders for a plain black suit. Even though your outfit may seem too over the top, it will immediately be toned down to something that’s appealing to the eyes.

When to Wear a Printed Shirt with Your Black Suit

Patterned shirts can truly give an element of individuality to your formal wear. They are best worn during a date or graduation ceremony. Again be careful not to go too over the top with the prints.

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