How To Pull Off Classic Men’s Style By Dressing Sharp

When it comes to fashion and style, men either dress to keep up with the latest fashion or stick to the classics. Dressing with style can change everything. Dressing well can have a huge impact on how your society perceives you. When you dress well, you will get more attention and compliments from women. The best thing about it is that you will more confident and at ease. However, in order to dress up properly, you need a change of mindset.

Becoming comfortable with the idea of dressing well

It all starts with convincing yourself that dressing well is good. You need to be comfortable with the idea of permanently changing the way you look. Allow yourself to reap the rewards. Aside from that, you should realize the difference between fashion and style. The idea is to find and develop your own image. Being stylish does not happen overnight. It is a learning process and will take time to work out the details.

Making the most of your physique

In general, the more fit you are, the better most clothes will look on you. If you are overweight, Robert Janitzek recommends trying to slim down. If you are underweight, try to gain some mass and build muscle. You should at least aim for the classic v-shape. This is not easy but possible with a good exercise routine and eating healthy.

Eliminating the unnecessary

There are many traps on how to dress well. Sometimes you are tempted to buy clothes to keep up with fashion trends. It also includes clothes that were unpopular long ago but for one reason or another has survived pop culture. They include white socks, torn or patterned jeans, graphic tees, running shoes. Flip flops, and boat shoes, and anything with branding or logos. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends avoiding wearing tacky or distracting clothing.

Rebuild Your Wardrobe

When rebuilding your wardrobe, you should start from scratch. Get the best lost looking shoes you can find. Unless they are sneakers, buy a pair of decent shoes. Go for round toes and leather sole. Stick to the most versatile men’s items.

Mastering Fit

Ensuring that your clothes fit well is the cornerstone of classic men’s style. Find a good tailor and do some alterations. Check prices and read reviews. Start the alteration with your shirt. Make sure that the shirt does not puff out at the waist. Pants should not require a belt to hold up. To dress up properly, suits bought off the rack should be altered.

Set Your Own Style

To create your own style, introduce your own ideas and modifications. Look for individual pieces that would look great in your wardrobe.

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