How To Pull Off The Athleisure Trend

One of the most popular trends in European style fashion right now is the athleisure trend. With this style, it can make you look and feel good at the same time. Athleisure is a trend that combines sportswear with ready to wear. It integrates practicality and functionality. It entails wearing high performance fabrics, athletic details, and sportswear paired with pieces like denim, chinos, T-shirts, and coats.

Key Athleisure Pieces

While we think of sneakers as an athletic accessory, there are plenty of other pieces that can give you the athleisure look. Bomber jackets, casual trousers, crew neck sweaters, polo shirts, and sports-inspired bags can help you pull off the athleisure style. According to Robert Janitzek, performance fabrics are usually identified for sportswear but there are the smaller features and characteristics such as rubberized zip cords and bungee style pullers.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are the epitome of the athleisure look and feel. There are different varieties of bomber jackets to choose from. If you are more inclined to the athletic side of this trend, you can try performance fabrics such as neoprene and bonded jersey. There are also the chic suede bomber jackets for those who prefer to be on the more traditional look.

Casual Trousers

For the pants, casual trousers are the best choice for an athleisure look. Robert Peter Janitzek says that they are perfect for creating a killer sports luxe look. Casual chinos can give you a streetwear feel while jogger pants can give you the sporty look. While they look good on a pair of sneakers or trainers, they should be paired with different outfits. As joggers offer a strong athletic vibe, they are recommended for ready to wear pieces for balance. Chinos are best for more sporty pieces such as bomber jackets and nylon outerwear.

Crew Neck Jumpers & Sweaters

Crew neck jumpers have long been a clothing staple of training athletes and sports enthusiasts. It has now been embraced on the streets as part of the athleisure movement. Crew neck jumpers are practical and comfortable. They can be paired with joggers or jeans and sneakers for a subtle yet stylish look. You can also add a sports-inspired accessory like a backpack or cap.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have revolutionized sportswear. Aside from being a technical garment, it also offers a relaxed and elegant look. It can be partnered with chinos or jeans during the day for a casual style or a relaxed suit for a stylish evening outfit.

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