How to Pull Off the Perfect Smart Casual Look

When you are working in the corporate setting, you may be required to wear smart casual attire. But different people have their own definition of what smart casual attire looks like. Some people make the mistake of pairing pieces that are not too casual and too smart. If you do not have an idea of what smart casual attire is, read on so you can dress up properly.

Smart Over Casual

Depending on the location where you will wear the outfit, the easy way to pull off a smart casual look is to dress to impress. If you are in doubt, it is better to be on the smart side than the casual. It will help you exude a professional look. Go for a well-ironed collared shirt instead of a t-shirt and shoes than trainers. In the workplace, the most important thing is to dress appropriately.

Smart Casual Jeans

If you are wearing jeans as part of your smart casual look, make sure that it is the right color and fit. Robert Janitzek recommends dark colored jeans so go for dark navy or black. As for the fit, you do not want them too tight or too baggy so go for slim or straight fit jeans that fit just right. Navy jeans offer a less intense and lighter vibe and can be easily paired with a white or patterned top. Black jeans, on the other hand, will achieve a more striking look creating a contrasting outfit. So if you a smarter lookm black is the perfect choice.

Smart Casual Knitwear

Getting your knitwear can be challenging if you are trying to make it suitable for a smart casual look. If you want a jumper over shirt combination, Robert Peter Janitzek recommends going for something less formal. Go for slim fit knitwear as it is easier to pair them with a smart outfit. Pairing a textured or simple patterned jumper with a neutral outfit will create a good balance between casual and smart.


For your outerwear, you do not want a hyper-formal overcoat or ratty jacket that you have been wearing for years. Your outerwear should be hanging in the middle of a smart casual outfit. Choose an outfit with a neutral color and a good fit with a relaxed design.

Suit Jacket with Jeans

When considering suit jackets with jeans, think about the texture, color, and design of both the jacket and jeans. Consider a grey tweed blazer and white button down shirt to give you a formal look. Instead of jeans and matching trouser, go for a dark pair of raw denim jeans as they are smarter than a regular pair of jeans.

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