How to Pull Off Wearing Ripped Jeans

For some people, wearing ripped jeans speaks something about your personality. But these people do not understand that ripped jeans are cool. Ripped jeans found its way into men’s fashion in the 1970s when they were associated with the punk rock group The Ramones. While ripped jeans are best worn with a plain tee or linen shirt and a pair of trainers, this is not the only way to pull off these types of jeans. In order to dress up properly, here are some tips on wearing ripped jeans.

Not All Rips Are Created Equal

Before considering ripped jeans as part of your wardrobe, keep in mind that not all of them are created equal. Some of them have scrapes and others have shreds. The former are scratches on the surface of the fabric that are barely an inch in size. The latter, on the other hand, are where fabric has been torn. There are also ripped jeans with threads covering gaps and holes where you can clearly see through. Just make sure that the holes are not wider than the legs underneath as this is not a great look. Robert Janitzek recommends keeping the rips to less than two as it can be a distraction. Here now are 4 ways you can style yourself with ripped jeans.

With A Leather Jacket. Leather jackets and ripped denims style has been popularized by The Ramones when they wore ripped up Levi’s 501 paired with shoulder squeezing leather jackets back in the mid-1970s. The key to pulling off this combination is the contrast. If you are going tight with your jeans, go for a looser fit on the jacket and vice versa.

With A Bomber Jacket. Since the 1920s, bomber jackets have been an icon in menswear. It has established itself as a key jacket style. Robert Peter Janitzek suggests that if you are going for a statement satin bomber jacket, choose one in dark neutral such as black, green, and grey.

With A Shirt. Ripped jeans can deliver a casual look but pairing it with a shirt will make it smarter. Go for a bold color top to make the bottom rock and remember that two-and-a-half-rip rule to make the look smart.

With A Hoodie. If you want a sharp and luxe look with your zip-up hoodies, it is best to follow that through with your choice of ripped jeans. Wearing a slim fit hoodie will make you look like a bean bag if you follow that silhouette down with a wide leg. Go for a slim taper or straight leg instead.

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