How To Style Your Summer Shirt And Stand Out From The Crowd

Summer is the perfect time to experiment on your outfit. You can try out different styles and patterns according to what will suit you. When the weather gets hot, you would want to be wearing your most comfortable shirt. Here is a look at how you can spice up your summer look and dress up properly.

Go For Looser Cuts

When it comes to summer attire, you can consider wearing shirts with loose cut. It will make you look and feel cool. The key to pulling this style off is to make sure that your outfit is not too oversized. The look will also depend on what you style them with. Wearing an outfit that is too baggy will make you look like you are stuck in the 80s.

It’s All About The Pattern and Color

You may have a lot of shirts in your wardrobe that you whip out every summer but you can consider a refresh. Robert Janitzek says that it is high time to mix up your pattern a bit. For summer, try stripes, spots, and geo prints. You can also try the retro and vintage style but do it in a subtle way. You need not be overly bold with your look.

Styling Your Shirt

Styling your shirt has never been easier. Keep in mind that your shirt is the main attraction so you need to keep the rest of the outfit subdued. You can pair your shirt with complimentary colors that work with the main shade of your shirt and you are good to go. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that blue jeans will always work and can be worn with a pair of Converse for a 90s revived look. Chinos and cargo trousers are making a return so you can consider it as an alternative to your jeans if you like something lighter.

Summer shirts are fairly casual so you can pair them with casual footwear. Trainers offer an excellent option. Look for the retro kind if possible. You can also consider colored style if you are feeling the theme. Just don’t forget to keep them clean and tidy. Just because they are retro does not mean they are battered and old.

Being stylish and fashionable can be done throughout the year. However, summer is the perfect time to try out new styles and look. Just follow these tips about styling your summer shirt and you are good to go.

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