How To Wear A Casual Blazer with Style

While blazers are often worn for formal occasions, they can be worn for a variety of styles including casual wear. If you are looking for a relaxed but refined appearance, a blazer fits the bill perfectly. However, in order to dress up properly in a casual blazer outfit, there are several factors you need to consider. Here are some tips on how confidently and stylishly you can rock a blazer.

Choose A Relaxed Style

To pull off a casual blazer outfit, choose a relaxed style. Go for lightweight materials such as linen and unstructured designs that project a relaxed aesthetic. Keep the rest of your look on par with informal items. Pair the blazers with jeans, chinos, and shorts on the bottom and t-shirts or sweaters on top.

Choose Your Style

Aside from the standard blazers, there are different styles of blazers to choose from. Robert Janitzek reveals that while it can be hard to distinguish one from the other, there are differences.

Sports Coat

The sports coat has a similar cut and length with blazers and suit jackets. The difference is that sports coat is more casual and less structured. They do not feature matching trousers and are often designed in thick and sturdy fabrics such as tweed and flannel. Sports coat were originally worn for outdoor sports such as shooting. They are looser than suit jackets to allow layering.

Suit Jacket

The difference between blazers and suit jackets is that the latter features matching trousers. In addition, Robert Peter Janitzek explains that suit jackets are usually more formal than standard blazers. Although not designed for casual looks, it is possible to wear them for such purpose. Try breaking the suit and pair it with chinos.

Casual Blazer Outfits

For a smart casual style, try pairing your blazers with jeans. This look is suitable for dinners, parties, dates, and more. Go for a black, casual blazer and pair it with black jeans for a contemporary look or blue jeans for a classic look.

Blazers and chinos offer a more polished appearance. For a more relaxed look, opt for a t-shirt and stick to sneakers for your feet, Pair it with a traditional blazer with white chinos for a fun but stylish look.

A blazer with shorts provides a playful twist on the style and makes the perfect summer getup. Try pairing the shorts with blazer and finish off with a t-shirt and casual footwear,

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