How to Wear a Coat Over a Suit

When it comes to formal gatherings, the coat and suit you will wear can make you stand out with your style. Wearing the wrong combination can ruin whatever look you want to project. Choosing the right coat seem easy but you need to get it right away or your entire outfit will suffer badly. Robert Peter Janitzek gives some tips on how to complement your suit with the right coat.

Different Types of Coats

There are different types of coats depending on the occasion and the clothing style you will wear underneath your coat. Keep in mind, however, that each one is unique. What works well with a trench coat may not necessarily work with other types of coats. You should also consider the colors of your wardrobe.

The Long Business Coat

Long business coats can complement any kind of suit. Classic colored coats can work well with any suit. You can easily pair it with dressy attires such as business attire. Robert Janitzek reveals that long business coats are also perfect foe elegant evening occasions as well as for everyday business look. You can customize these coats according to your personal style and touch.

A classic gray coat is perfect for any color and combination of suit. It is a stylish coat that you can wear on a daily basis and paired with any color suit. The same is true for brown cashmere coats. You can wear them for any kind of clothing for both day and evening occasions.

Trench Coats

Trench coats can make you look smart and sophisticated. It is the classic choice to wear over a suit. While it is more common, it can help remove any dapper points. With trench coats, you cannot go wrong if you want to dress up properly. If you are not sure what kind of suit to buy, a classic beige trench coat is the best option.

Pea Coats

Pea coats are perfect for work as well as weekend occasions. It’s less business dressy because it has a short length. This is the reason why it is perfect for both casual and outside of work.

When wearing a suit, you want to bring out your style and be the talk of the party. But if you choose the wrong suit, you could become the talk of the party for a different reason. Choose your suits well. Make sure that it truly suits your personality.

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