How To Wear a White T-Shirt & Look Stylish

The white t-shirt has long been a staple item of European style fashion. It is a classic style that has been worn by iconic movie stars like James Dean and Marlon Brando. Research shows that women find men more attractive in a fitted white T-shirt. It can give them a typically masculine silhouette of broad shoulders and narrow waist. To be able to pull off this style, here is a short guide on how to be stylish wearing white t-shirts.

Plain White T-Shirt & Bomber Jacket

Nothing is more classic than a crew neck t-shirt. These types of shirts are easy to layer without looking out of place. You can wear it skinny or slim and still look great when paired with a jacket. Robert Janitzek recommends keeping the collars of the t-shirt and jacket symmetrical. This style can work for any occasions. It is easy to wear and transition to Friday night drinks.

Plain White T-Shirt & Blazer

Inspired by the American prep style, this look simply replaces the bomber jacket with a tweed or a linen blazer. It can give you a no-brainer look if you combine a white shirt with a pair of chinos. It is another timeless look but can be spiced up with a contemporary touch. Instead of wearing your best shoes, switch to a minimalist trainer.

Plain White T-Shirt & Chinos

If you are looking for a simple summer outlook, Robert Peter Janitzek suggests a plain white t-shirt paired with chinos is a great option. You can add some accessories to help pull the look together. Grab a pair of shorts, either tailored cotton or slim fit denim and tuck in your t-shirt. Finish off the lock with some white plimsolls and lightweight sunglasses to create a summery vibe to your classic look.

How to Wear Men’s Printed White T-Shirts

If simplicity is too boring for you, consider wearing a patterned shirt. It can be easy to pair it with classic jeans or favorite pair of chinos. It is much easier to play around with this style especially if you want a double denim.

How to Wear White Long T-Shirts

If the basic t-shirt is not the look for you when it comes to comfort, consider the classic white long t-shirt. It can be mixed with a range of looks especially when you want to be trendy. This style offers an easy going look and can be layered with a bomber or mac, depending on your preference. Finish off the look with a classic black jeans and a statement trainer.

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