How To Wear Black Suit With Style

When it comes to formal attire, the black suit is considered as the staple outfit. While they are great when done right, they can also be awful when done wrong. In order to dress up properly, here is a short guide on how to properly wear black suit.

When To Wear

Black Tie Occasions

It is but proper to wear a black suit during black tie occasions. Choose clean lines and single-breasted jackets for a sleek adaptation of all black. Simplistic lapels are perfect and will not date. If a classic black suit is not bold enough for you, go for a wide peak or shawl lapel. For the bottom, a black Oxford shoes is the perfect footwear.

Business Casual

Although not the first choice for business casual, it is recommended for day to night looks. Robert Janitzek reveals that since the dress code is business casual, you may opt for a lightweight black suit to give a more relaxed look and feel. For your under the suit wardrobe, a light cardigan and a button-down is perfect. For the shoes, you may choose between a black pair of loafers, Oxfords, or brogues in suede. If you are wearing a tie, maintain a more casual aesthetic with knitted versions in simple colors or patterns.

Smart Casual

A smart casual dress code combines casual elements with more dressy pieces. The key to mastering smart casual with a black suit is to aim for a more mature aesthetic. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends a scoop-neck sweater and t-shirt with your black suit. Button downs with a simple turtleneck also work well as a smart casual dress code. For the footwear, wear suede loafers or brogues for a relaxed feel.

Black Suit & Ensembles

Black shirt with black suits can be tricky to get right. If you want to pair a black shirt with a black suit, ensure that your shirt is matte and not shiny. Your pieces should be distinguished between one another. Integrating turtlenecks, shawl necks, or cable knit sweaters with a black suit will help achieve the diversification you are looking for.

When it comes to black suit, the fit matters a lot in order to dress up properly. A tailor made suit is best. Make sure that the jacket is cut slim through the waist to maintain a fitted silhouette. Leave a half an inch of shirt to show off your cuff. Go for a lightweight suit fabric such as wool/cotton as it will help regulate your temperature.

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