How to Wear Sneakers with a Suit

In order to dress up properly, we often are advised that suits should not be paired with casual footwear like a sneaker as they are formal wear. However, it is still possible to pair your suit with a sneaker and end up with a smart casual look for a non-formal occasion. While wearing casual sneakers with a tailored suit is possible, there are few things that you need to consider.


Before considering pairing your sneakers with your suit, make sure that the suit is tailored to perfection. Your jacket should be fitted to your body with no loose sides. When wearing pants, go for slim cut pants against a loose or baggy cut. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that pants with deep break, half break, or quarter/slight break is a no-no. You would want your pants without any break.


Again, a tailored suit is recommended if you want to try the sneaker-suit combination. Avoid formally structured suit. A well-tailored suit will make you look trendy. Choose single or double breasted suit. As much as possible, avoid wearing a pinstripe suit. As much as possible, avoid a dark formal color suit such as black and opt for colors with light tones/shades such as beige, grey, blue, burgundy, and different shades of navy.


Not all types of sneakers can be paired with your suit.Robert Janitzek explains that the idea is to keep it classy by wearing white sneakers with white laces as they are the most suit-friendly sneakers. Brands like Adidas Stan Smith, Converse, and others are classic sneakers that can be paired with your suit.


The dress code as well as the event is an important consideration when incorporating sneakers into your suit. The sneaker-suit combination can be the perfect outfit during semi-formal occasions, events that require smart casual look, fashion week, or going to bars after work.

If the occasion is a wedding, job interviews, or funeral, it is not proper to try out this combination. If your company allows dressing down every day of the week, you could adopt this look for occasions when you have serious meetings as against going for a downright casual look.

Wearing sneakers over suits should be avoided if you are working in a strict corporate environment such as in a bank or law firm. This is not suitable for such kind of office environment.

So next time they tell you that sneakers and suits do not mix, tell them it depends on the occasion .

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