How to Wear Your Converse High Top Sneakers

When it comes to sneakers, the Converse Chuck Taylor is one of the most trusted brands. While there have been new brands that have emerged, people have consistently gone back to the classic favorite. The brand has become synonymous with style and versatility. Given the bevy of styling options to choose from, deciding how to wear Converse high tops can be a little trickier. Read on and be guided on how to pull off this European style fashion.

With Cropped Chinos

Pairing your Converse with chinos is the perfect combination for warding off charges of tepid dressing. To pull off this style, look for a pair that is cropped at the hem. Avoid chinos with fitted styles to maintain a sense of balance. Likewise, steer away from additional pockets as it could mess up the clean lines you are aiming for.

With Shorts

Initially, you will think that wearing sneakers and shorts is a combination you should avoid. On the other hand, it is a combination that works. It is a style that will help you stand out when everyone else is playing safe. When wearing this combination, Robert Janitzek advises using the rule of opposites: dark shorts, light sneakers and vice versa. Top off the style with a bold stripe shirt instead of plain tees.

With Raw Selvedge Jeans

They may be no work boots but Chucks carry a sense of everyday utility because they can be paired with just about anything. This makes them a good combination with raw selvedge jeans. Raw denim jeans carry a fuss-free masculine appearance making them the perfect complement to the slimline profile of this high-top sneaker.

With Tailoring

Back then, wearing trainers with a tailored outfit was considered sacrilegious. However, times have changed. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that most males are now pairing their low top trainers with tailoring. A navy, charcoal, black, or green suit will complement white or cream high tops. On the other hand, a stone, beige, or grey suit will look best with a dark pair. Match the tone of what’s on your torso to your feet to get the appropriate look.

With White Denim

What else can be temperamental to menswear than a pair of white jeans? Skinny white jeans paired with a tasseled loafer can give you a European playboy look. For a Converse high top, pair it with relaxed cut white denim. In order to dress up properly, pair your white jeans with monochrome high tops. Go for all white for the bottom half of your look and darker shades on the upper half.

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