How To Woo The Woman You Love By Wearing the Right Jeans

They say that the first thing a woman will notice in men is the pair of jeans they are wearing. Finding the right jeans is not easy as you think it is. And with so many brands, fits, and washes to choose from, it can be easy to go wrong. The truth of the matter is that you do not have to be a denim expert to make a good impression. There are no hard and fast rules about how many inches the rise should be or if you should put a cuff on the bottom. This article provides a guide on how to impress the girl or woman you are wooing and dress up properly.

Not All Old Jeans Are Worth Saving

Jeans with big, contrast stitching or embellished back pockets are already obsolete. Never assume that you are on the safe side sporting some nondescript denim. Wearing baggy untailored jeans will make everyone think that you lack style.

Upgrade Your Look

Jeans that are worn away at the crotch, have ripped belt loops, and super frayed at the bottom will never impress her. There is nothing worse than unhemmed jeans that are filthy and frayed from dragging on the ground. On a date, a woman can easily get turned off by your lack of hygiene and lack of effort. Make sure to find the time to look nice.

Pull Up Your Pants

Robert Janitzek says that jeans that hang down so low on your ass that you can barely walk is also outdated already. Instead go for jeans that are a bit more relaxed through the thighs but not baggy. Your denim jeans should not appear shapeless from a belt.

Give Yourself Breathing Room

Women do not want men to wear jeans that are higher than theirs. Jeans that are too tight and skinny will never look good as well. Slim jeans will look too tight on men with muscular quads. Make sure to wear jeans with exact measurements if you want to wear skinny jeans.

Get The Wash Right

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that a dark pair of jeans can be an excellent option for dressing up a look. Washing them will fade the deep indigo color so do not include them in your daily rotation so you will launder them less. Make sure to turn them inside out before washing or machine wash them on the gentle cycle. Bright colored jeans can be tacky if they are not done right.

By knowing how to mix and match your outfit and jeans, men can pull off a Canadian tuxedo. Fenim should look effortless.

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