Importance of Mixing and Matching Your Wardrobe

European men are known for being stylish and fashionable. However, having your own style can be time consuming and requires some effort on your part. For working professionals, this can be hard since they are expected to wear suits. You can resolve the situation by mixing and matching your suits. Robert Peter Janitzek tells us the importance of mixing and matching wardrobe.

It Will Make You Unique

Men shop for their suits in stores. Chances are they may have similar suits which is quite frustrating. If you want to be unique, mixing and matching suits is the way to go. Try different cuts, choose another fabric, try out a new shade, and texture to create a fresh look. Just make sure that no one else has the same outfit that you are wearing,

Another benefit of mixing and matching is that you are expanding your wardrobe. It will give you more clothes to choose from when trying out European style fashion. You can include a couple of different pant styles. Just because you do not have the budget to buy suits does not mean you cannot have one. You can make your own from your collection.


There are instances when one part of a suit fits you and the other does not. Again this is where mixing and matching will come in handy. If you like the jacket of the suit but not the pants, you can find an alternative for the pants and still wear the jacket. Get the perfect fit for your suit by trying out different combinations.

Relaxed Look

Robert Janitzek says that mixing and matching wardrobe can give you a more relaxed look. Suits are required during formal occasions. If you are not the type of person who does want to be too formal, check your closet and create a new look. By doing so, people may change their perception of you. For this reason, men are now buying suit separates and mix and match them.

When mixing and matching, it is important to bear in mind that the top half of your body is always more noticed than the bottom. So if you want to try European style fashion, remember that wearing the same top with different bottom will make you look the same while wearing the same bottom with a different top will give you a unique look.

So if you want to give the public different looks, try mixing and matching your suits. You will not only save money but also double your wardrobe.

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