Latest Men’s Footwear Trends

When it comes to European style fashion, the shoes will effectively complete your outfit. Over the years, there have been different styles of men’s shoes. Wonder what styles of shoes will highlight 2018? Let us take a look.

The Classics

Classic shoes will always be in fashion regardless of the season. For this year, men’s shoes will be distinguished by features such as rounded socks as well as the presence of belts or buckles. The main material for classic shoes will be genuine leather. Make sure to choose warm models for the cold season.

Sneakers are one of the trends for men’s sports style. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, for this year, there will be a variety of color palettes to choose from. Shades that will be popular for this year include red, brown, blue, and beige. Shoes with sharp toes will also become a trend this year. They are the perfect complement to your evening and business look.

New Trends

Suede shoes will be trendy for this year. This type of shoes will look stylish and expensive. Fashionable colors will be gray, green, blue, and metallic. Different kinds of boots will also find its way in the industry. Popular styles will be military, retro, and cowboy.

Robert Janitzek reveals that summer sandals open and closed toe. This style will feature decorative buckles and rivets. Fringe moccasins will be comfortable and stylish. They will make the perfect complement to your business and everyday style. Fashionable colors for this practical and comfortable style will be beige, coffee, brown, and blue.

Sports Style

Sports style shoes make a great addition to your collection. Nowadays, men combine athletic shoes with not only sports and casual clothes but also with business apparel. For ultimate comfort and warmth, you can consider ugg boots. It can help give you a stylish look and macho image. To dress up properly, this type of boots can be paired well with jeans and casual pants.

Shoes with tractor sole will still in remain fashion. They are popular for their versatility and practicality. There are new laconic design of men’s shoes and boots without any décor at all. Lanvin boots makes an excellent choice as a diving boots.

These are the latest styles of shoes that will make you stylish and fashionable this year. Just make sure that the shoes you will be choosing will complement your personal style and preference.

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