Mastering The Different Tie Knots

Ties are a staple in European style fashion. They are used during formal occasions or even in the office. They come in different styles to choose from. However, to pull off each style, you need to learn how to tie the different tie knots. Read on and become a master of the different knots.

Full Windsor

A full Windsor is neat, wide, and safe option for any kind of formal occasion. Robert Janitzek reveals that the full Windsor is best worn for a wedding or when posing as a Premier League footballer.

How to tie:

Cross the wide end of your tie over the narrow. Slip the wide end up between the tie and the collar and let it drop over. Bring the wide end down to the left and around the back of the narrow end to the right. Bring the wide end back up, through the neck loop, down to the right. Bring the wide end back up to the centre, through the loop and down to the right. Wrap the wide end across the front of the knot and feed it back up through the neck loop from underneath again and then down through the loop just made. Tighten the tie knot.


Four-in-Hand is a fail-safe, solid, slightly wider knot. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that Four-in-Hand is the all-purpose knot.

How to tie:

Cross the wide end of your tie over the narrow end and back behind. Repeat. Repeat again for a wider knot. Or, holding the coil of fabric in place, run the wide part up through the loop from underneath. Pass the wide end down through the tie knot. Tighten the knot.


What is it? The quickest and easiest tie knot known to man
When to wear it: When you’re in a hurry, in a skinny suit, or dressing more casually

Turn the tie ‘back to front’, so the underside is facing outwards. Cross the wide end underneath the narrow end. Take the wide end over the narrow and then up through the loop, from underneath. Pull the wide end down through the loop. Tighten the tie knot.

The simple knot is just that – easy to tie, producing the smallest, neatest of knots.


What is it? A formal alternative to the Windsor, wide at the top
When to wear it: Weddings, business meetings and anywhere else you don’t want to have to keep adjusting your knot

Start with the tie around your neck with the underside showing outwards. Keep the narrow end short. Pass the wide end under the narrow end, around the front of the knot, then under and around again. Then pass the wide end up through the loop, and down to the left of the tie knot. Then pass it around behind the knot, around the front and over the knot. Feed this wide end up through the loop. Finally pass it down through the centre of the knot. Tighten the knot.

This makes for a large, quirky, asymmetric knot best suited for use with silk or lightweight materials.

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