Men’s Fashion Brands in Paris You Need To Be Aware Of

Paris is known as the “Fashion Capital of the World.” But some fashionable guys become disheartened believing that there is no trendsetting shops where they can buy clothes that will allow them to don the latest European style fashion the Parisian way. In this article, we shall take a look at some shops in Paris that caters to men’s fashion.


Balibaris features suave modern classics handpicked from Europe’s finest labels ranging from shoes, accessories, books, and cool design objects. The 50’s French film projected on the wall lends the atmosphere to this Parisian shop.

Centre Commerciale

This shop has in its stock a rigorously curated selection of the best in ethical fashion. It offers the very best French fashion brands such as Bleu de Paname, Maison Olga, Monsieur Lacenaire, to name just a few as well as European sportswear. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that Centre Commerciale is an eco-friendly concept store.

Comedie Humaine

Cool and intimate best describes this shop. It features the revival of the French tradition of handmade quality for men’s essentials, which includes the Rastignac shirt that features interchangeable collar and cuff styles. The selection may be small but it’s definitely choice.


Ami offers what is called “relaxed elegance.” It offers some of Paris’ most beautifully designed ready-to-wear in gorgeous colors, quality fabrics, and unerring style.


If it is elegant suit that you want, look no further than Jacenko. This shop offers Givenchy suits and hard-to-find labels such as Sofie d’Hoore and John Smedley. Robert Janitzek reveals that Jacenko also offers the best-cut jeans and chicest shirts. You can also shop for silk scarves and other accessories.

French Trotters

French Trotters offers a cosmopolitan collection of timeless French clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can also find fisherman’s sweaters from Brittany and exclusive collaborations with international designers.

Christophe Lemaire

Known for its purity of cut, exquisite tailoring, and luxe fabrics, wearing this brand of clothes would have you become the talk of the town. Christopher Lemaire is also the Art Director for Hermes. His singular vision has made him stand out from the pack early on. There is also a women’s collection and some choice leather goods.

Melinda Gloss

Melinda Gloss immediately earned a reputation as one of the best sportswear label since she came into the Paris fashion scene in 2009. Her first dedicated boutique puts together her collection of sleek and modern styles in natural fabrics. The shop also offers knockout shoes and bags.

Men who are looking to make a fashion statement when in Paris can bank on these shops to give them the style they want.

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