Mens Guide to 2018 Summer Outfits

Summer is here. This means that it is time to ditch your thick clothes for lighter ones. As you prepare for the season, here is a short guide on how you can dress up properly with outfit that is fit for the temperature.

Colors of Summer

For summer, choose wardrobe that is appropriate for the season. Wearing dark clothes will make you look bad. Ditch those black, gray, and white wardrobes and go for summer colors such as military green and navy. For accessories, opt for brightly colored sunglasses such as yellow, lime green, or orange. They represent the summer vibe in the best possible way.

Look For A Signature Accessory

Summer fashion can get boring when it comes to men’s wear but you can beat that by getting yourself accessorized. This way, you can give your summer outfit more personality. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that a unique pocket square may help boost your overall look. Hats are the perfect accessory for the season as it offers both protection and fashion. Not only will they protect your head and face from the sun but also give you the summer accessory that you need. Just make sure that you choose the one that is the perfect fit to your face shape.

Upgrade your shirts

The best outfit for summer is fitted T-shirts. They can make your biceps pop and you will surely stand out. Just avoid shirts with familiar catchy phrases such as “I’m with stupid” or something similar. Robert Janitzek reveals that these shirts are pretty much outdated. You can opt for the trendy cut shirts and pair them with classic men’s suit. To make sure that you won’t go wrong with your fit, choose an outfit according to your body measures. After all, when it comes to the perfect shirt for men, the most important thing is the fit.

Avoid wearing flip-flops

During the summer, it is tempting to wear your favorite flip-flop because they are comfortable and easy-to-wear. However, unless you are headed to the beach and the pool, you should avoid them as much as possible. To dress up properly, never wear them to the office or formal events. If the invitation says, “dress casually,” choose low-top sneakers, boat shoes, or leather sandals. They are more appropriate for the season.

Choosing the perfect men’s outfit for the summer need not be as difficult. For this season, choose colorful wardrobe and you will be just fine.

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