Men’s Hairstyle Trends That Will Not Disappear in 2018

Just like apparel and accessories, hairstyle trends come and go. They have been a staple of men’s European style fashion for a long time already. However, there are hairstyles that will remain a trend in 2018. So read on and find out which haircuts are here to stay.

Shorter is Neater

Shorter hairstyles look neater in appearance because there is less hair that will become tangled, dirty, or messy. It will also require less time to shampoo, condition, and dry short hair compared to longer hair.


Some men like their hair not short or long. With mid-length style, it offers them the best of both worlds. Through regular haircut and styling, the length of hair can look professional and attractive. Robert Janitzek reveals that mid-length hair can be easily styled using hair paste or gel. The former is better for shorter time periods while the latter stiffens keeping the hair in place longer when it dries.

Longer Is More

Some men also prefer their hair to be longer. It also means more work and care. In addition, it will take more time to shampoo, condition, dry, and style long hair. Men who like their hair long should be careful of the products they are using. Long hair will also require greater use of styling products such as mousse, sprays, and gels. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that long hair will need to be combed several times a day especially during windy days.


While bangs are generally not preferred by men with long hair, they are quite common among men with shorter hair. With a little gel or paste, bangs can be trained to stand straight. Bangs that are pushed forward are referred to as Caesar cut. You can also train your bangs to go up and back with a diagonal look.

Man Bun

The Man Bun is considered as the biggest hairstyle trend the past few years. It offers a fashionable and stylish look while also looking neglected and easy to take care of. It features a shaved hair on the side and long hair on the top. It is important to take care of the long hair so it will not look greasy or dirty. It goes well with formal clothes in professional situations.

Apparel styles will come and go but these hairstyles are here to stay. Whatever style of hair you want to wear, it is all a matter of personal preference.

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