Men’s Jeans Trends for 2018

The appeal of jeans for European style fashion has never wavered. It has been a staple of style and cool looks. As we usher in the New Year, let us take a look at what jeans will be in fashion for 2018.

Classic Jeans

When it comes to jeans, the classics are here to stay. They don’t have temporary bindings. The width of the classic models has become smaller along the entire length and slightly narrow on the bottom.

Wide Jeans

Wide models are designed for sports and recreation. Wide jeans have a large number of details such as huge patch pockets, belts, and braces. They can be paired with wide t-shirts and sweaters and hooded jackets.

Narrow Jeans

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that narrow jeans are still in demand for most men. They are suitable for slender young men. They come with a lapel which can either be a base color or contrasting bright hue. This type of jeans is better off without socks. These types of jeans will give you a sporty, youthful, and classic look. They are perfect with a half-wig, cardigan, and a jacket.

Flared Jeans

With flared jeans, there is no provision for décor. They will look good on laconic clothing without overloading the image with unnecessary details.

Other Styles of Jeans

Another trendy style of jeans is the ragged look. Robert Janitzek reveals that while they come in various styles, flowers in the style of grunge are ideal for spring and summer. However, take caution when wearing a style of grunge in a combination of shades. If the jeans have multi-colored inserts, make sure that the rest of the outfit have retrained color or the image will be saturated with color.

Jeans with Trendy Colors

2018 will be about the predominance of blue colored jeans—from pale blue to indigo. Classic blue jeans will remain popular for the New Year. Designers recommend wearing dark colored jeans in the cold season. You can pair them with various garments such as coats, warm jackets, and winter footwear. Deep indigo on jeans will give an organic look with sports style jackets, sweaters, and cardigans of large mating.

Trends come and go. But when it comes to jeans, they have always remained a staple of men’s fashion. Keep these trends in mind and you can look forward to being cool and chic with your outfit for the coming year.

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