Sleeve Length Guide for Suits, Jackets and Shirts

For most men, determining the correct length of the sleeve of suits, jackets, and shirts is an important issue. Unfortunately, there is a gray area about sleeve length as no one can be an expert about this matter. Most of the time there are rules that are provided and absolute measurements provided. It is worth noting that in order to dress up properly, it is not only about the length but also the fit and harmony between the two garments. This article will guide you on the correct sleeve length for suits, jackets, and shirts.

Correct Length For French Cuff Shirts

Ideally, a French cuff shirt should reach to the root of the thumb all the time even when you move. If the cuff moves when lifting your arms, either there is a problem with the armhole or the shirt is not long enough. It could be that the armholes is too big or bigger than the sleeve. Robert Janitzek recommends that the armhole should be big enough to keep you comfortable while maintaining the cuff at the right length.

Buttonhole Should Be Positioned Close To The Edge

For the buttonhole, it should be located in the middle of the cuff and positioned close to the edge or it would end up too tight and odd looking. The cuffs should have equal length and fit tightly around your wrist. If you are fond of wearing a watch, make sure to have enough space beneath your cuff for the biggest wrist watch you will wear.

Width Should Be Just Right To Avoid Sliding Down

A cuff that is too wide may result to your hand sliding through the cufflinks. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that it will not only make it look that the shirt came from your big brother but will also cause unsightly wrinkles. Another problem with the shirt cuff being wider than the jacket sleeve is that it might catch the sleeve.

Cuff Must Not Be Too Narrow

If your cuff is too tight and narrow, chances are it might throw off the proportion of your shirt sleeve.

The Proper Jacket / Suit Sleeve Length

While things are relatively straight forward with shirt sleeves, length seems to be a little bit more complicated with coat sleeves. Today, it seems like quite a few menswear guides claim that the proper jacket sleeve length should be chosen so that it is between 1/2 inch (1.25 cm)

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