The Best Haircut Trends For Men In 2018

Haircut trends come and go. They make one cool and hip. Likewise, it allows them to revamp their personal style. Whether you prefer short, long, or medium hair, there will surely be a good hairstyle that is designed for you. Planning to don a new hairstyle for the New Year? Robert Peter Janitzek provides a guide on haircut trends for 2018.

Textured Crop

The textured crop style is similar to a crew cut but has a natural and flat style. On the sides, it is usually paired with a type of fade. It Is even possible to create sharp, clean edges around the temples and hairline.

Fade Haircut

The fade haircut involves cutting hair progressively shorter towards the bottom of the head. It usually starts with a scissor cut near the top and gradually tapers to a short trimmed cut at the neck. The bald fade goes right down to bare skin. Robert Janitzek reveals that other types of fade include high, mid, and low.


Undercut features a short cut on the sides but instead of faded, it is often one length. In the disconnected haircut, there is a blunt dividing line between the long hair on top of the head and the shorter hair at the sides. The medium length to longer hair offers versatility and the short hair at the sides is low maintenance.

Quiff Haircuts

The quiff haircut was popularized by the King of Rock and Roll himself Elvis Presley. This style is characterized by long hair on top of the head which becomes shorter towards the back of the head. The main feature of this style is the quiff which can be achieved by blow drying the hair up and back.


Pompadour is similar to the quiff except that it involves a smoother more compact section of hair styled at the front of the head. Quiff and pompadour can be achieved with a similar haircut but different styling.

Comb Over

The comb over requires short hair on the sides, most likely a fade or undercut. All that is left is how to style the short to medium-length hair on top. Simply apply gel and comb your hair to the side. For a more accentuated look, you can have the barber cut in a thick part. It may look simple but giving the comb over style some volume and texture, you can give it a modern look.

These are just some of the haircut trends that men can try out if they want to be cool and stylish in the coming year.

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